Metex | Custom Solutions for Maufacturing



Metal Textiles Automotive Products meet a wide range of critical needs – from providing flexible, yet durable high-temperature seals and joints to noise attenuation, thermal insulation and filtration.

A partner to the automotive industry, Metal Textiles designs and manufactures products that take optimal advantage of the unique thermal/mechanical properties of knitted wire mesh to help airbag, exhaust, vehicle and engine manufacturers create:

  • High-temperature static and dynamic seals and gaskets
  • Quiet, leak-free exhaust system joints
  • Greater protection and shielding for components from heat loss
  • Reduced noise and vibration from critical areas
  • Enhanced filter efficiency in crankcase ventilation systems

Our exhaust, airbag, sealing and filtration products can be found in passenger, light truck and all-terrain vehicles, internal combustion engines and diesel trucks, earth-moving equipment, and recreational vehicles.

Knitted wire mesh not only provides a higher level of integrity, but our engineered sealing, gasketing, filtration and heat management solutions are cost effective, economical solutions in comparison with other technologies.