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Crankcase Ventilation And Emissions

Crankcase Ventilation And Emissions

Meeting the Challenge for Better Control of Crankcase Ventilation and Emissions in Combustion Engines

crankcase ventilation

Current and pending environmental legislation has placed stringent demands on crankcase breather systems for internal combustion engines. Reducing such crankcase-emission carryover is not just a federal mandate with some types of engines, crankcase ventilation is a key consumer concern.

Metal Textiles has responded to the need for better control over such emissions with prolonged-life, knitted wire mesh breather elements and assemblies. Metal Textiles products help dramatically reduce the escape of crankcase emissions from such engine sources as:

  • Condensation of crankcase aerosol
  • Mechanical shearing from valve springs and other mechanical parts
  • Lubricating oil that exits the engine through the crankcase breather tube or assembly

crankcase ventilation

Metal Textiles designed and manufactured Breather Elements and Assemblies provide long-lasting performance in reducing crankcase emissions as well as oil consumption and oil pooling on external engine and vehicle parts— while protecting air-intake products in closed-crankcase ventilation (CCV)

Engine manufacturers have also found that Metal Textiles Breather Elements and Assemblies provide a greater degree of market differentiation among an increasingly environmentally conscious buying public—helping to improve customer loyalty for specific engine brands.



  • Long service life-four times more durable than competing products
  • Cost-effective-can withstand temperatures between -45°C to 650°C, depending upon material selection
  • Can vary element density and surface area to solve the most difficult separation problems
  • Can accommodate any available engine space
  • Easy to install in existing or new cavities or housings
  • Ability to combine monofilament or multifilament material into one breather element
  • Element can be die formed, layered, or spiral wound

Superior Design and Manufacturing for Meeting Custom Emission-Control Requirements

Better, more cost-effective solutions for reducing crankcase emissions

Four decades of experience in designing and manufacturing crankcase-emission filtration systems have made Metal Textiles the supplier of choice for all types of consumer- and commercial-vehicle applications, both on- and off-highway.

Due to our unique ability to manufacture Breather Elements and Assemblies from a wide range of ferrous and nonferrous metals, engineered plastics, and composites, Metal Textiles emission-control solutions can also be found in equipment designed for use in corrosive and high-temperature environments—such as marine engines as well as consumer and industrial generators and compressors.

Custom engineered to enhance engine performance and reliability

Metal Textiles engine-filtration solutions are custom designed for enhanced performance in both open-crankcase and closed-crankcase ventilation systems, as either internal or external devices. Internal devices use baffles (which only remove particles of 5μm or larger) or coalescing filter elements in the cylinder head cover or other locations inside the engine.

External crankcase filtration systems consist of a breather assembly or mechanical device secured directly on the engine or by remote, bracket-mounting. Unlike other systems, Metal Textiles Breather Elements and Assemblies are designed to remove both fine and coarse particles, as well as fine oil-mist condensation.

In open-crankcase ventilation systems Metal Textiles helps reduce engine oil consumption, the threat of catastrophic engine failure due to oil loss in engines in remote locations, and invalid warranty claims due to deposition of oil on engine and other vehicle parts. They also help eliminate accumulation of oil mist on testcell equipment.

In closed-crankcase systems, specifying the right Metal Textiles Breather Element or Assembly can help reduce warranty service levels due to pooling of lubrication oil in the crankcase pressure control valve, as well as turbocharger intake compressor and intercooler. Metal Textiles custom products also reduce the formation of an oil film within the heat exchanger or the after-cooler or intercoolers on certain turbocharged engines.

Reduced Crankcase Emissions & OEM Costs

Metal Textiles has the material-science knowledge, as well as design-engineering and manufacturing expertise, to supply breather elements and assemblies in any size and for any type of engine—with blowby levels ranging from 0.2-40 cubic feet per minute.

crankcase ventilation

  • Size-3-200mm height x 100-250mm diameter (0.125″- 8″ height x 4″- 10″ diameter)
  • Configuration-Oval, round, rectangular, triangle, square, or custom-designed to mate with your product
  • Service Life-Over four times more durable than competing products
  • Engine Location-Inside valve cover or any new or existing engine cavity or housing
  • Horsepower Range-No limit
  • Volume-No limit
  • Efficiency-95% to 99%
  • Temperature Range- -45°C to 650°C range, depending on materials
  • Retrofit-Can be retrofitted to any engine
  • Pressure Control-Where required, Metal Textiles offers a pressure control valve and related hardware to ensure that engine crankcase pressures remain within design specifications

Metal Textiles uses the very latest test equipment and procedures to optimize the design of each Breather Element and Assembly. Variables such as flow rate, temperature, and pressure drop can all be measured and controlled in our custom-designed laboratory. From initial design, prototype fabrication and testing to full production, our ISO:9001 and TS:16949 Quality System ensures that we provide only products that offer high quality, performance, durability, and value.